Save the Future Utility token, Shut The Fuck Up token, Whatever you want to call it, it is fine by us.

STFU Labs aims to produce utilities that matter... Utilities that actually make you money, be it in passive incomes or quick income thru chance gaming that require $STFU token to participate.
STFU Labs will focus on constantly reducing supply and adding buy pressure thru development while simultaneously providing incentives for new investors to both buy, hold and stake.

We realize it takes more than marketing to make a quality project, but we will broadcast STFU globally.
Consider us scientists, and the Binance Smart Chain is our laboratory. You are our test subjects.

Possible side effects include extreme gains.
Contract AUDIT
Buy Fee
Sell Fee

  • 91% of the supply will go into the fair launch sale and liquidity pool.
  • 2% of the total supply will go into the initial staking pool.
  • 5% will be held for team and developer airdrops.
  • 2% will be used for community giveaways and contests.

All 'chance' games we create will have mechanisms that will also assist to keep the $STFU-$STFU staking pool healthy as needed. Example: the 'coin flip' telegram game we have, half of tokens will either be allocated to the coin-flip rewards pool or staking pool.
TOken distribution

The contract has safety features that won't allow the tax to go above a combined 20%, and max tx or max wallet can not be set below 0.1%, which makes it impossible to honey pot.
+manual buybacks and liq additions
Staking contract is live and will be able to be utilized manually thru BSC scan at launch. The staking dApp will be on our website after it is live. 2% of the supply will go into the first staking period, over 3 days. When that pool ends after 3 days, we will announce how much of the supply we will put into the next staking pool
To stake BEFORE the dApp is ready:
1. click on the previous link.
2. select the 'write' tab.
3. connect the wallet that you have your $STFU tokens in.
4. on functions # 1 that says 'Deposit', enter the number of the tokens you would like to stake.
5. now go to the staking contract
6. select the 'write' tab
7. connect the wallet holding $STFU token
8. enter the amount of tokens you want to stake + 18 0's. for example, if you want to stake 200 $STFU tokens, you would put 200000000000000000000.

The first pool is a 3 day lock period. You are free to withdrawal early, using function # 2 'emergencyRewardWithdrawal' but you will face a 10% tax that will go into the liquidity pool. If you wait 72 hours, there will be no tax, and you are free to re-stake in the new pool.
We have a '$STFU Flip' game. Users will be able to use telegram to do an old-school style, double-or-nothing coin flip game with their $STFU tokens.
The game will be available in telegram
Holders will use our bot to create a unique wallet address and private key only they have access to.
They can then import that wallet to their defi crypto wallet pf choice.
Then, deposit BNB and $STFU token to that address and simply type /flip 'amount of tokens'.
If you win, you double your $STFU. If you lose, half of your losings are burned and the other half goes back into the rewards pool